MR Paul Fletcher

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  • Academic

Research expertise

  • Animation (experimental animation, abstract film, visual music)
  • Custom Audio Visual Interfaces and Instruments (experimental developments in live film, visual music, kinetic and audio sculptures)
  • Electronic Music, Sound Design, (Visual Music, Experimental FIlm, Digital Media Installation & Projection)
  • Projection Art (Public Site Specific Projection works)
  • Public Art Installation (mixed media environments - scuptural, video,animation, soundscape)
Animation,digital video & sound artist. I am interested in the relationship between sound and animated motion, I am a Lecturer in the Animation at the VCA Film & Television Faculty Department. And have worked collaboratively on several projects with multi-discipline central Victorian art collective Punctum.(2005-2010 Between 2009 and 2001 I was also a member of the Art and Technology Coalition and contributed to their international travelling exhibition "InsideOUt". I am still a current and active committe member and contributor to the Undue Noise Collective. I have  facilitated short courses and group production projects often integrating Environment, Science and Art themes. I continue to produce digital film work situated at an intersection of abstraction and narrative , and create installation and live performance projects, involving the invention of custom built audiovisual instruments. Currently working on projects involving Public Site Specific Projection and Mixed Media Installations incorporating Kinetic and Audio Sculpture ,Video and Animation.
I have engaged with many Animation methods and sound production, but have special interests in visual music, abstract animation, experimental film, soundtrack composition, live film ,improvisation and procedural animation, projection art and animation installations

Subject Areas

  • Performance and Installation Art
  • Recreational Services
  • Film and Television
  • The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)

Available for supervision

I am currently supervising and co-supervising
3 Masters by Research Film & TV (Animation) candidates
1 Phd in Animation related Research Projects

I Masters Research Completion in 2012
1 PHD Completion in 2013

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Start: Friday, November 21st 2014 End: Friday, November 20th 2015
Kopi Toto U'
Start: Monday, October 17th 2016 End: Friday, October 16th 2015
Donkey In A Lion's Cgae
Start: Monday, November 24th 2014 End: Monday, November 24th 2014
Audiovisual Bin - Binocular
Start: Sunday, October 26th 2014 End: Saturday, October 25th 2014
Why Abstract Animation Matters
Start: Friday, June 20th 2014 End: Thursday, June 19th 2014
Start: Thursday, January 30th 2014 End: Saturday, February 1st 2014
Resonating Spaces
Start: Wednesday, October 16th 2013 End: Tuesday, October 15th 2013
Algae Data Music
Start: Sunday, September 15th 2013 End: Friday, September 20th 2013
Ecstatic Mould
Start: Thursday, June 20th 2013 End: Saturday, June 29th 2013
Tyranny of the moment,Closeness of Distance
Start: Wednesday, August 15th 2012 End: Saturday, September 8th 2012
Hidden Creatures 2012_Deep Sea Adventures
Start: Saturday, April 14th 2012 End: Sunday, April 15th 2012
Animated Artefact Exchange
Start: Thursday, March 17th 2011 End: Wednesday, March 16th 2011
150 Years of Rail in Bendigo - "The Railways TIme Machine"
Start: Sunday, June 14th 2009 End: Tuesday, July 14th 2009
Museum of Lost Sounds
Start: Thursday, May 29th 2008 End: Saturday, June 20th 2009
Hidden Creatures 2009
Start: Saturday, April 11th 2009 End: Sunday, April 12th 2009
A Collision of Silence
Start: Sunday, May 28th 2006 End: Friday, June 16th 2006
Time Decomposing
Start: Wednesday, June 1st 2005 End: Wednesday, June 29th 2005
Time Decomposing
Start: Monday, May 23rd 2005 End: Friday, June 3rd 2005
Liquid Connections


Publications of Creative Research

FLETCHER P (2015), Summer Streets
FLETCHER P (2013), Departures, Delays and Returns, Artfilms
FLETCHER P (2012), OCEAN FOREST, Bendigo Regional Galelry
FLETCHER P (2011), Animation Ambiences, Artfilms (ISBN:978-1-921895-08-1)
FLETCHER P (2010), Video-Animation & Sound Art - Paul Fletcher, Artfilms
FLETCHER P (2010), Animation in the Classroom - Applications and inspiration
FLETCHER P (2008), City Of Dust, Ouat! Media

Minor Recorded Works

FLETCHER P (2017), Plant Language
FLETCHER P (2017), Talking to Cleopatra
FLETCHER P (2017), Minor 1000 40 Minute Music Video Set
FLETCHER P (2016), Creatures Awake
FLETCHER P (2016), In the ashes of joy
FLETCHER P (2016), sensory horizon
FLETCHER P (2016), Abstract Iterations III - FILM SOUNDTRACK
FLETCHER P (2016), Mysterious Space
FLETCHER P (2016), Virtual Vignette
FLETCHER P (2015), SolitaryCrowd Naviarhaiku054 - If you climb the mountain
FLETCHER P (2015), City Absence
FLETCHER P (2013), Morning Day Night, Self-Published
FLETCHER P (2010), Isle of Insectaesthesia
FLETCHER P (2006), ShedFilm
FLETCHER P (2005), Shed Film, Paul Fletcher
FLETCHER P (2005), Lake Qualm
FLETCHER P (2004), Soundtrack -Music and Sound Design - "Lucky for Some", Australian Film Commission

Book Chapters Other

FLETCHER P (2010), Dreamlake: Animation In Process. , Animation in Process (ISBN:9781856695879)

Creative Recorded Works

FLETCHER P (2006), Test Transmission, Melbourne Festival
FLETCHER P (2006), Dreamlake, Melbourne Festival

Major Recorded Works

FLETCHER P (2004), 10000 Days, Allans Walk Artist Run Gallery

Creative Exhibited Works

FLETCHER P (2006), A Collision of Silence, Allans Walk Artist Run Gallery
FLETCHER P (2005), Time Decomposing, Allans Walk Artist Run Gallery

Conference Proceedings

ALSOP P, FLETCHER P (2006), Weaving Relationships Between Sound And Image In Improvised Performance, ACMC 2006 - Medi(t)ations, Australasian Computer Music Association

Full Written Papers Refereed

POLLARD M, FLETCHER P (2016), Resonating Spaces, Proceedings of Si15: 2nd International Symposium on Sound and Interactivity
FLETCHER P (2006), 'The Shifting Intersection of Abstract and Concrete Forms in Digital Media.', Speculation and Innovation . Applying practice led research in the creative industries., Queensland University of Technology

Creative Published Works

KELLY D, LEE C, JONES R, O'DONNEL M, FLETCHER P (2006), Someone who will listen, Inspire Foundation Reachout website
KELLY D, JONES R, O'DONNEL M, FLETCHER P (2006), Not the only one, Inspire Foundation Reachout website



Hurry up and rain.


Live Video Performance for Stories of a Songman by Richard Frankland at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Recital Centre


Hidden Creatures in the Fernery and Town Hall Basement, This exhibition was held annually since 2008 at Easter Time as a free event for families and people of all ages as part of the City of Greater Bendigo Easter Fair, it was visited by up to 6,000 people each year each person spending between 10 and 30 minutes for each visit An audiovisual ecosystem concept - in its element outdoors but has also been installed indoors. Plants, tiny screens,projection, hidden speakers,sculptures, light, multi-channel soundscape ,video and animation- all assembled with the intent of creating an organic , familiar yet also imaginative, fictional environment in which children, young & older,can race around or sit quietly to investigate,find,name, draw all sorts of creatures. The Hidden Creatures Exhibition Installation was commissioned directly by the City of Greater Bendigo and first started in the Rosalind Park Fernery in 2008. The exhibition features reso
Sound and the other: music composition and collaboration, Guildhall, Iteration of 'Resonating Spaces: The Melbourne ZOO'
We Notice Raindrops as they fall., ADM AUDITORIUM Nanyang University Sound Islands 2015 Symposium Concert, an expanded meditation and imaginative reconstruction of raindrops based on photos and audio recordings


Beer and Chips_City Symphony Noise Poem -Live Electro Acoustic Performance, Old Fire Station Theatre


Our Sensory Garden, Pyramid Hill College, 12 months of planning 15 days of workshops experiments , lots of work by students and staff .. and its still growing! An artist in schools project- an initiative of the Victorian State Government. With artist Paul Fletcher conducting workshops on design ideas, animation , sound sculpture and sound design. Three sound sculptures, the rio rattler, sliding bell scale, pallet-o-phone, contributed and constructed by Gary Hillier in collaboration with Paul Fletcher


The Awakening, Castlemaine State Festival 2011, The moving images for this performance are the result of an Aphids~ Remote Sense residency and mentoring program, in collaboration with Punctum and filmmaker Paul Fletcher.
Biosphere, Conservatory in Rosalind Park Bendigo, Performance- projected animation and digital puppets controlled live in concert with Cello player Performance


Dust and small particles, I.C.U. Intensive Culture Unit 1 . Halford st. Castlemaine, Dust and Small Particles No1, Live Music Animation Performance- included as > part of Castlemaine State Festival

Education and Training

  • Master of Film & Television MFTV , University of Melbourne, 2009
  • BA Media Arts BA , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1985

Awards and honours

  • "Best Australian Short Experimental Film", Darwin International Film Festival, 2004