Single subject study (CAP)

Single subject study is a rewarding way to contribute to your career development, strengthen your academic record and pursue personal and professional interests. It can be used as a means to add to your current studies, or as a way to enter future studies. At Melbourne we call it our 'Community Access Program' or CAP. The subjects listed below are also available for incoming Cross-Institutional Study.

Current Subjects Approved for CAP studies:

CCDP20001 Street Art
DRAM10025 Contemporary Performance Analysis
FINA20026 Painting Techniques
FINA20033 Introduction to Printmaking Processes
FINA10035 Nature Morte: 21st Century Perspective
FINA10036 The Body: Facts and Fictions
FINA10037 Under Camera Animation
MUSI10017 Guitar Cultures and Practice 1
MUSI10183 The Laptop Recording Studio
MUSI10184 Pop Song Writing 1
MUSI10186 Creating Music For Advertising 1
MUSI10208 19th Century Music and Ideas
MUSI10209 Glee Singing 1
MUSI10210 Music Theatre: Singing Sondheim
MUSI10211 Music Theatre: Singing Rock Musicals
MUSI10214  Music Theatre: Singing the Golden Age
MUSI20149 Music Psychology
MUSI20150 Music and Health
MUSI20168 Glee Singing
MUSI20171 Making Music for Film and Animation 2
MUSI20172 Pop Song Writing 2
MUSI20174 The Laptop Recording Studio
MUSI20186 Music Theatre: Singing Sondheim
MUSI20187 Music Theatre: Singing the Golden Age
MUSI20188 Music Theatre: Singing Rock Musicals
MUSI20196 Guitar Cultures and Practice 2
MUSI30030 The Music Of Spain
MUSI30233 Glee Singing 3
MUSI30235  Music Theatre: Singing the Golden Age
MUSI30236 The Music Producer: From Brass to Beats
MUSI30237 Music Theatre: Singing Rock Musicals
MUSI30246 Music as Noise: Making Sound Art
MUSI30247 Music and Spirituality

If you've found a subject that you'd like to study and it's not in the list it may just require academic approval, please don't hesitate to contact us at to check other subject availabilities.

Please note: subjects that involve individual lessons are not available for CAP study.

For further information on CAP studies and how to apply please access this link -  Community Access Program