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University of Melbourne scholarship information

The University of Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of equity, academic merit and travelling scholarships for both future and current local and international students. Bursaries, grants and scholarships are available through Financial Aid and the Melbourne Scholarships. Students are strongly encouraged to visit these sites and apply for all scholarships and bursaries available to them.

There are also a host of scholarships available through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). VTAC offers several scholarship opportunities through the VTAC application process including the SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) program. Please read all the information on the VTAC website thoroughly to ensure you apply for any scholarships you are eligible for.


There are many scholarships, fellowships and awards offered externally through the year, so check back frequently to see what you may be eligible to apply for.

Macgeorge Fellowship and Scholarship

Macgeorge Scholarships

The Norman Macgeorge Scholarship provides research higher degree students in the visual, creative and performing arts, music, architecture, conservation, literature, creative writing, language, history, philosophy and anthropology at the University of Melbourne with financial assistance to travel overseas on a research trip. Successful students will receive a contribution of up to $ 6,000 toward travel expenses. The scholar will be required to deliver a Departmental seminar and scholarship report within three months after returning from the research trip which must be completed during 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018.

For further details on eligibility and how to apply please visit unimelb.edu.au/governance/structure/committees/macgeorge-bequest or arts.unimelb.edu.au/scholarships/norman-macgeorge-scholarship.

To apply an application must be made online at: 2017 application.

Closing Date
Friday 31 March 2017.

Macgeorge Fellowships

The Macgeorge Fellowships are awarded to artists, performers, writers or researchers in the visual, creative and performing arts, music, architecture, conservation, literature, creative writing, language, history, philosophy and anthropology. They can be a resident of Australia or an international visitor. 

Successful Macgeorge Fellows will undertake the Fellowship for the period July 2018 to June 2019. They will receive a contribution to travel fares and living expenses and accommodation at the historic ‘Ballangeich’ (former home of Norman Macgeorge, patron of the Arts) for 4‐8 weeks to undertake an uninterrupted period of research, writing or creative endeavour. Macgeorge Fellows will be expected to deliver a public lecture/performance and Departmental seminar/postgraduate workshop on topics of interest to the University community and be available for consultation with staff and students during the Fellowship.

Departments/Divisions that are awarded a Macgeorge Fellowship will receive a contribution of up to $10,000 towards the total cost of the Fellowship. The Department/Division must host the visit to the University by the Macgeorge Fellow.

Macgeorge Fellows will be required to submit a Fellowship report within three months after the Fellowship has been completed.

Macgeorge Honorary Fellowships

Nominations for the Macgeorge Honorary Fellowships are awarded to artists, performers, writers or researchers in the visual, creative and performing arts, music, architecture, conservation, literature, creative writing, language, history, philosophy and anthropology who would benefit from interaction with the University community while working on a short‐term project to advance their career. They can be a resident of Australia or an international visitor.

Successful Macgeorge Honorary Fellows will undertake the Honorary Fellowship for the period July 2018 to June 2019. They will be provided with accommodation at the historic ‘Ballangeich’ (former home of Norman Macgeorge, patron of the Arts) for 4‐8 weeks to undertake an uninterrupted period of research, writing or creative endeavour. There is no requirement for Macgeorge Fellows to deliver a public lecture/performance and Departmental seminar/postgraduate workshop.

Departments/Divisions that are awarded a Macgeorge Honorary Fellowship must host the visit to the University by the Macgeorge Honorary Fellow. 

Macgeorge Honorary Fellows will be required to submit a Fellowship report within three months after
the Honorary Fellowship has been completed

For further details on how to apply please go to www.unimelb.edu.au/governance/structure/committees/macgeorge-bequest

Closing Date
The deadline for the submission of applications has been extended to Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 5.00 pm (Late applications will not be considered).

Alumni Bursary for Malaysian Students at the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne Alumni Association Malaysia is pleased to announce a bursary for Malaysian students studying at the University of Melbourne. This financial aid is made possible by the generous donations of senior University of Melbourne Alumni Association Malaysia members who only wish to give back to the community and lend a hand to Malaysian students studying at our alma mater who are in need.

The bursary is in the form of a cash amount of AU$2,500.00 awarded directly to the Malaysian student. There are no terms of repayment or conditions attached to the bursary; it is intended to alleviate the financial burden of Malaysian students in need.

Interested applicants should submit their applications before 10 September 2017 and ensure that they meet the following criteria for Eligibility:

  1. Must be a Malaysian citizen currently pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Melbourne on a full fee basis
  2. Have undergone at least one semester i.e. first semester students are not eligible to apply
  3. Achieved a minimum of a pass for all subjects under study
  4. Currently holding a part-time job in compliance with Australian immigration and employment regulations
  5. Not a beneficiary of other scholarships or bursaries

There is a limited amount to the bursary, and applications are encouraged to be made as soon as possible. Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

The applications will be reviewed by a panel of respected senior alumni. Where applicable, the applicant may be interviewed via Skype or other methods of communication. Successful applicants will be notified by the University of Melbourne Alumni Association Malaysia via email (umaa.my@gmail.com). The decision of the award of the bursary by the University of Melbourne Alumni Association Malaysia is final.

Deadline: 10 September 2017.

Any queries: e-mail umaa.my@gmail.com

Maroondah Singers' Memorial Scholarship

The Maroondah Singers Memorial Scholarship assists promising and enthusiastic young singers to continue studying singing whilst gaining experience as a soloist in public performance with a large choir. The scholarship was established in 1991 in memory of three of the choir’s founders, May and Mervyn Vagg and George Irvine. The prize is eagerly sought after and the success of previous winners is a testament to its worth.

The scholarship winner receives up to $1500 towards tuition fees for one year, paid on receipt of a satisfactory written report from their singing teacher and is expected to perform at Maroondah Singers concerts throughout the year.

For full conditions of the scholarship and an application form, please visit maroondahsingers.org.au/maroondah-singers-vocal-scholarship/

Closing date for applications for 2018  is the 30th September, 2017

Peninsula Music Society: Student Bursaries

The Peninsula Music Society (PMS) is well known for its concert series in Mornington, since 1998, and has also presented an annual program of Bursary Awards for local secondary and tertiary music students with the aim of assisting them with their music studies.

Auditions for these awards, by interview and performance before an independent panel, are held in July and the awards are presented at the Society’s free Bursary Winners’ concert when each of the winners will perform a short piece. This year the presentation concert will be on 19 August at the Peninsula Community Theatre in Mornington.

The Peninsula Music Society Bursaries include the prestigious John Tallis Beleura Bursaries and Mornington Peninsula Shire Bursaries and are made possible by the support of those sponsors and the generosity of individual donors. The major award this year will be for at least $5,500 and the total available for awards is $20,000.

Awards are made in two divisions, Secondary and Tertiary, to assist study in piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, French horn, bassoon, trumpet and trombone.  The family home  of the applicant must be in the Mornington Peninsula Shire, Frankston City, or in postcodes 3197, 3912 or 3977. Tertiary students must be under 25 years of age and be enrolled and studying for a recognised tertiary qualification in music or music teaching.

Please contact Antoinette Seal for the application forms or for further information 59758841 or stseal@bigpond.com

Applications close on 16 June 2017 and must be submitted on the Application Forms, and must include an entry fee of $25.

Indigenous Awards

2016 Indigenous Scholarships and Awards

  • The Arno Herpe Memorial Foundation
  • The Bruce C Hartnett Bursaries
  • The Edward J Darbyshire Trust
  • The Isabella Ina Oldham Scholarships
  • The Lois Woodward Scholarship for Indigenous Australians
  • Truganini Scholarships
  • Aboriginal Vocational Fund
  • Harold Mackrell Indigenous Student Scholarship

Applications will open January 2016 and close March.

For more information regarding each scholarship please visit Murrup Barak.  Murrup Barak can assist applicants interested in applying for the various awards, including help addressing the criteria on which the Committee makes its decisions and assist with enquiries regarding the online application. For futher details contact:

Kiernan Ironfield
Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development — Murrup Barak
Old Physics Building (Building 128)
The University of Melbourne, VIC, 3010
Tel: +61 3 8344 8457
Email: Ironfieldk@unimelb.edu.au

How do I apply?

The scholarships and awards are awarded by the Indigenous Scholarships and Awards Committee which meets annually in April. Students are invited to apply through the Student Grants application online at:


Lorna Stirling Fund

Ms Lorna Stirling was a Music Director in the Melbourne University Drama Club in the 1940’s. On her death in 1956 she bequeathed funds to the University for the purpose of promoting international student relationships through the creation of scholarships for the exchange of students between the University of Melbourne and other universities. 

Value Oneoff payment of between $500 and $4,000.

In order to be considered for a scholarship you must:

  • be enrolled at the University of Melbourne at the time of application for the period of the proposed exchange or project;

  • have a signed letter of support from a relevant student organisation, such as the Student Union or a Faculty based student society;

  • demonstrate how your project is relevant to the interests of the student population at large; and/or; 

  • demonstrate how your project will enable mutual understanding to be established between students at the University of Melbourne and at the international university(s).

The Lorna Stirling Travelling Scholarships are awarded by the Lorna Stirling Fund Committee which meets annually towards the end of May. Eligible students should complete an application form and submit it by fax, post or email to:

Dr Elizabeth Nelson
Secretary, Lorna Stirling Fund Committee
Email: lnelson@unimelb.edu.au

Applications and guidelines can be found at: http://www.unimelb.edu.au/unisec/stirling/

CLOSING DATE: Tuesday 10 May, 5pm.

Marten Bequest

John Chisholm Marten (1908-1966) established the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarships through his estate, to provide financial support for talented Australian artists to help them achieve their dreams.

The scholarships offer talented young artists the chance to explore, study and develop their artistic gifts through travelling either overseas or interstate.

In 2016 five categories of scholarships will be available: architecture, ballet, instrumental music, poetry and prose.

For more information and to apply, please visit the following website: http://www.martenbequest.com.au/index.html

Melb. Prize for Music

Next open for music in 2016 (then 2019)

For more information visit www.melbourneprize.org  

The annual Melbourne Prize is one of the most valuable creative development initiatives of its kind in Australia. It runs on a three-year cycle and rewards sculptors, writers and musicians in turn. 

The major event of the annual Melbourne Prize is the free two-week public exhibition of finalists work and the prize announcement held each November at Federation Square. The public can vote for a finalist to win the Civic Choice Award. The exhibition increases the public’s exposure and access to the creativity of our community and enhances Melbourne’s reputation as a cultural capital. Open to Victorian residents only.

For further information please visit www.melbourneprize.org or call the Melbourne Prize Trust on (03) 9696 4410.

Mike Walsh Fellowships

In 1996 Mike established The Mike Walsh Fellowships to assist young theatre artists who have the potential tomake a significant contribution to the Australian arts and entertainment industry. The Fellowships enable recipients to travel abroad to obtain a wider knowledge and experience of theatre, such as through a formal course of study, or by a self-devised program which, for example, might include private instruction, observation, secondment, meetings, or an association with a theatre company, before returning to Australia to pursue their careers.

At the time of establishment, Mike’s business interests were all in Sydney, and the Fellowships were offered exclusively to graduates o Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art; they were open to practitioners from any full-time NIDA course who had graduated in the previous ten years. The total value of the awards was $35 000 annually; in the fifteen years of the awards, Mike has given more than $500,000 in these NIDA Fellowships.

A Development 
In recent years, with his acquisition of Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne, Mike’s interests have spread to his home town. At the same time, many of the productions staged at the Maj have been musicals, and Mike has been impressed both by the number and by the quality of graduates in Music Theatre from the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts who have graced the productions. These two facts have led him to make changes to theFellowships. Since 2011:

  • the Fellowships have been open to theatre practitioners who are recent graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts or of WAAPA as well as of NIDA; 

  • the period of eligibility has excluded graduates who have not had time to establish themselves in the profession; and

  • the total amount distributed annually has been increased to $50,000.

For intending applicants  
Eligible theatre practitioners in any field - not only performers - are invited to apply; for an Application Form and further information, including eligibility, go to www.mikewalsh.com.au/fellowships.

Freemasons Foundation Scholarships


  • A bursary of $5,000 per annum.
  • The Bursary will be awarded to an applicant who is attending, or has qualified to be admitted as a student at tertiary level, to a School of Music approved by the Foundation Scholarships & Educational Support Advisory Committee.
  • An audition is required. The applicant should prepare 2 contrasting pieces with a duration of 15-20 minutes.
  • Tenable until course of study is completed satisfactorily. 


  • A bursary of $1,500 per annum. 
  • The Bursary will be awarded to an applicant who is attending, or has qualified to be admitted as a student at tertiary level, to a School of Music approved by the Foundation Scholarships & Educational Support Advisory Committee.
  • An audition is required. The applicant should prepare 2 contrasting pieces with a duration of 15-20 minutes.


  • The scholarship offers training in the art of piano accompanying
  • Tenable for one year
  • The scholarship provides for tuition once a week during the school term
  • Tutor to be provided by the Foundation Scholarships & Educational Support Advisory Committee.
  • No age restriction has been set but it is envisaged that applicants will be aged between 20 to 30 years.
  • An audition is required. The applicant should prepare 2 contrasting pieces with a duration of 15-20 minutes.


For more information please visit the Foundation website. Applications close on 31 January.

Fulbright Scholarships and the Creative Arts

Fulbright has long history of supporting the creative arts and is committed to providing opportunities for Australian and US artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and the like to showcase their creativity.

Fulbright general scholarships are open to all fields, including the creative arts, and span the following categories: postgraduate; postdoctoral; professional and senior scholar.

Fields in creative arts may include:

Music: instrumental performance, conducting, composition, historical performance practice, jazz, opera stage direction

Performing Arts: performance art, theatre (acting costume design, directing, lighting design, set design, stage management), dance

Visual Arts: animation, design and crafts, film-making, drawing, print-making, photography, sculpture, installation arts

Architecture: building and landscape architecture

Applicants in the Creative Arts should submit a portfolio of their current work. Full directions on what to submit is available at http://bit.ly/1rDrQof

Scholarships open on 1 May and close 1 August 2016. For further information visit www.fulbright.com.au

Theme and Variation Piano Grants

The Theme and Variation Foundation is providing grants up to $10,000 for piano students under 25 to enable further study.

Closing date for applications: Friday, October 7 2016 by 5pm, AEST
Announcement of finalists: Friday, October 21 2016
Audition date for a 30-minute recital before a judging panel at the Theme & Variations showroom in Sydney: Sunday 13 November 2016

For more information and to apply please visit tandvfoundation.com.au

John Monash Scholarships

The John Monash Scholarships recognise excellence and leadership, and celebrate one of Australia’s finest leaders: General Sir John Monash. Each year the Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Australian graduates to enable them to study for a Masters or Doctoral degree at the world’s best universities. Successful applicants have shown excellence in their field, demonstrated leadership skills, and have a vision for how they can contribute to a better Australia.

The Scholarships support any postgraduate degree however the applicant must be able to argue the merits of the chosen course and institution. The John Monash Scholarships are not limited by age, gender, academic field of study or choice of overseas university.

Between 10 and 20 postgraduate Scholarships are available, depending on the quality of the candidates, each valued at AUD $65,000 per year for a maximum of three years (up to AUD $195,000 ).

John Monash Scholars immediately achieve national and local recognition through the publicity offered to the Scholarships. Over the longer term, the Scholars are part of a growing community of outstanding Australian leaders aspiring to advance our nation.

To be eligible to apply for a John Monash Scholarship you must:

  1. Be an Australian Citizen;
  2. Have completed or be about to complete an undergraduate degree from an Australian University, and;
  3. Be planning to undertake postgraduate study at an overseas university commencing in the calendar year following the year of application and selection.

The John Monash Scholarships are not limited by age, gender, or academic field of study.

Applications open 1 May and close 1 August.

The Glorias Fellowship

The Gloria Payten Foundation and Gloria Dawn Foundation honour the memory of Gloria Payten, a leading theatrical agent, and Gloria Dawn, one of Australia's foremost actresses, and their remarkable contribution to the performing arts in this country. The Foundations provide Fellowships (known as 'The Glorias') for professional actors and directors in theatre, film, and television to travel overseas to broaden their knowledge through either formal courses of study or by self-devised programs of observation and secondment.

Applications are invited from professional actors or directors in theatre, film or television, who are either or both graduates of a full-time acting or full-time directing course at a recognised tertiary institution; or have worked substantially and professionally as an actor and/or director for at least two years.

Fellowships are intended for the purpose of international travel and study. The Fellow must agree to return to Australia within twelve months of the expiry of the Fellowship. On returning to Australia, the Fellow is expected to work, as far as possible, as an actor, director, teacher, or writer in the entertainment industry in Australia for a major part of the next three years.

For further information, including application details, please visit NIDA.



Rob Guest Award

Rob Guest Endowment Award

The Rob Guest Endowment Award for the encouragement of a young artist in the musical theatre industry.

This award is intended to help an artist in the musical theatre genre fund the tuition and experience needed to help them become a leading artist in their field.

For more information please visit www.robguestendowment.com.au/index.php/awards/rob-guest-endowment/

Rob Guest Endowment Musican Award

The Rob Guest Endowment Musician Award for the encouragement of a young musician in the musical theatre industry.

This award is intended to help a current musician in the theatre genre fund the tuition and experience needed to help them become a leading artist in their field.

 For more information please visit www.robguestendowment.com.au/index.php/awards/musician-award/

Rob Guest Endowment Technical Award

The Rob Guest Endowment Technical Award in honour of Sue Nattrass for the encouragement of a young member of a technical field within the musical theatre industry.

This award is intended to help a current member of a technical department of theatre including (but not limited to) stage management, mechanists, flymen, automation, sound, lighting, wigs and wardrobe, fund the tuition and experience needed to help them become a leader in their field.

For more information please visit http://www.robguestendowment.com.au/index.php/awards/technical-award/

Hugh Rogers Fellows

The purpose of the Hugh Rogers Fellowships is to encourage and support outstanding early stage researchers and practitioners, and expand and enhance Melbourne and Boston’s reputations as centres of knowledge excellence in three areas of research and practice: education; healthcare and medical research; and the arts and culture.

One or more Fellowships, valued at up to $20,000, in each of the focus areas may be awarded. Each Hugh Rogers Fellowship is intended to fund a self-contained, sustainable research project, of a short duration, to be undertaken in an institution in Boston.

Additional information on the Fellowships, along with application forms, can be found at www.melbourne-boston.org

Choral Composition Competition ACU

The Australian Catholic University has a choral composition competition running again in 2016.

The link is: www.acu.edu.au/choralcomp. We would like to encourage you to add this to any list or website that you feel is appropriate.

 Two of the divisions in the competition are open to all. The one of most interest is - 

Open Division (any Australian citizen); prize money $4,000 (choral work of 6-10 minutes)
There’s also a liturgical division (work must be able to function in a Catholic Liturgical context) with prize money of $2,000
All judging is double blind, with works de-identified. The deadline for submission is 5pm EST, Friday July 1, 2016.

Melba Opera Trust

Applications for 2016 scholarships with Melba Opera Trust open on Tuesday September 1st and close at midnight on September 30th 2015.

Melba Opera Trust keeps alive Dame Nellie Melba’s vision by supporting the development of young Australian opera singers with exceptional promise.

We nurture the qualities needed to build an operatic career by providing scholarships, mentoring with industry specialists and performance experience.

Information about how to apply can be found at www.melbaoperatrust.com.au or phone 9867 4833

Clifford Hocking Scholarship

$1,200 and performance at Mount Beauty Music Festival

Who can apply: recent graduates and current advanced students of classical music or music of a similar style. Soloists and small ensembles welcome to apply. Applicants under 30 years of age may apply.

Purpose: to further the musical career of young musicians by providing a grant of money and an opportunity to perform at an established Festival.

Conditions: $1,200, Festival Passes and free accommodation are offered to the successful applicant who is required to perform at the Mount Beauty Music Festival which is held at the end of April each year. One scholarship each year is offered at present. The Mount Beauty Music Festival administers the Scholarship, and negotiates with recipients regarding performance, accommodation and any other matters relating to the Scholarship. Public performance at the Festival is a necessary condition of the Scholarship. The four Trustees of the Clifford Hocking Memorial Trust comprise the selection panel which chooses the successful applicant.

How to apply: send a brief biography and any audio material which demonstrates the current level of performance ( e.g. CD, digital file, tape recording, DVD) with a letter of application to Mount Beauty Music Festival, Clifford Hocking Scholarship, P.O. Box 6 Mount Beauty, VIC 3699. The Application should briefly state how the applicant intends to use the scholarship money. The whole Application should be less than one A4 page. A letter of recommendation from a teacher or school can replace audio material if no such material is available. Applications close at the end of November each year.

About Clifford Hocking AM : Clifford was an Australian impresario, director of Adelaide and Melbourne Festivals, bringing world-acclaimed artists to Australia between 1961 and 2005 to enrich our cultural life. The Clifford Hocking Memorial Trust, from which the Scholarship derives its money, has been established by friends in Mount Beauty in his honour.