Shelley Hogan

PhD – Music (Musicology)


Thesis Title
The ripieno bass section of the Dresden Hofkapelle during the reign of August the Strong, 1709–1733: players, repertoire, performance


The Dresden Hofkapelle was a leading European orchestra during the early eighteenth century, a time when important and complex changes occurred to the way the bass line of orchestral music was performed.  Drawing on archival and manuscript sources, this thesis documents and expounds issues of performance practice of this orchestra’s ripieno bass section.  There are three strands to the inquiry: players, instruments and repertoire.  Together this multi-faceted investigation assesses and combines contemporaneous evidence to inform further our understanding of performance practices of this historically important ensemble, and ultimately sheds new light on how we might choose to perform this repertoire today.

Dr Janice Stockigt, Dr Samantha Owens, Dr Barbara Reul