Music Therapy Research Profiles

Jennifer Bibb

PhD – Music (Music Therapy)

The influence of choir singing on social connectedness and recovery in adults with chronic mental illness living in the community.
Alexander Crooke

PhD Music (Music Therapy)

The role of music in meeting social policy objectives in the field of education
Ju-Young Lee

PhD – Music (Music Therapy)

A phenomenological study of the interpersonal relationships between five pairs of music therapists and adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities
Ben Leske

PhD - Music (Music Therapy)

Addressing experiences of social exclusion through community choral singing
Elly Scrine

PhD - Music (Music Therapy)

How can music therapists apply a feminist lens to explore gender with young people across Western school settings?
Janet Taylor

PhD Music Therapy

Enhancement of wellbeing, meaning and purpose. A positive psychology perspective examining music listening across the lifespan