Dance Research Profiles

Fiona Bryant

Phd - VCA (Dance)

Choreographing the Choreographed: an investigation into processes of perceiving, orchestrating and performing extant choreography
Paula Lay

Master of Fine Art – Dance

Acts of Embodiment & Imagination in the Practice of Performance
Christos Linou

Master of Fine Art – Dance

12 Hours Later: Naked Peel
Cobie Orger

Master of Fine Art ‒ Dance

Rocking out the Dance and Making Rock Dance: Choreography of Coalescence
Phoebe Robinson

Master of Choreography (by research)

Choreographic Imagination
Nareeporn Vachananda

Master of Fine Arts (Dance)

Choreographing Time: Temporality in Choreography from the Perspective of a Solo Improvisor
Soo Yeun You

PhD – Dance

Cross cultural encounters in dance imagery:The use of imagery in Ideokinesis and traditional Korean dance