Domestic and international fees

Domestic research students

  • Research programs provided in the Faculty are offered to domestic applicants as Research Training Scheme places only. This means that there are no Fees charged directly to domestic applicants to complete the research program. 

Student Services and Amenities Fee

  • Domestic students studying with an RTS place are required to pay an amenities fee, the SSAF. Fees are calculated based on your enrolment period and study load each year. Further information including 2014 SSAF rates can be found here.

International research students

  • Tuition fees for International students are charged for each year that you are enrolled according to your specific enrolment in any given semester. Visit the Future Students Admissions and Applications site for fees tables for 2015 and estimates for future years.

Graduate research scholarships

The Faculty of VCA and MCM offers a range of scholarships for graduate researchers studying for a Master of Music, Master of Fine Arts or PhD.

Scholarships are competitive and are allocated on the basis of academic merit, previous research experience, previous creative output and strategic priorities.

Academic Merit: all applicants for scholarships are assessed on the basis of their previous academic performance. When assessing, the faculty will consider results from the final 2 years of the applicant’s most recent study in their discipline (third year of a Bachelor degree and Honours year or equivalent), or results from a Masters degree of 1.5 years in length or longer. Academic marks are adjusted to reflect the different grading scales used by universities, and form the main basis/criteria for assessment.

Previous Research Experience: applicants with previous research experience can have their score raised to reflect this. Included in this category are adjustments for:

  • completion of a research Masters degree,
  • documented research or professional experience (including artistic) directly related to the applicant’s proposed research,
  • demonstrated distinguished record of professional (including artistic) achievement,
  • refereed publications (including journal articles, conference papers, conference posters, exhibitions, recording, performances etc).

Previous Creative Outputs: applicants who have previous creative output can have their score raised to reflect this. Previous creative output can include:

  • original artwork,
  • original music,
  • original performed work (eg: performances of scripts written by an applicant),
  • original performed choreography/production,
  • screening of original film works,
  • publication of creative writing,
  • performance of music, theatre, dance, film.

Strategic Priorities: Priority and preference will be given to applicants for the PhD. The faculty may also give preference to applicants on the basis of strategic research priorities. The University of Melbourne has identified Three Grand Challenges  to focus strategic research across all disciplines.

Scholarships Available:

Australian/domestic students are supported by the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP). Under the RTP, domestic students are exempt from tuition fees for the normal duration of the course.

Australian citizens, Australian Permanent Residents and New Zealand citizens are also eligible for Graduate Research Scholarships

International Applicants can also apply for Graduate Research Scholarships which may include a tuition fee waiver and/or living and reloacation allowances.



31 October: Scholarship Applications Close (course and scholarship applications may close earlier for some courses)

November: Applicants assessed for entry to VCA and MCM Graduate Research Courses

Early December: Applicants assessed for Graduate Research Scholarships.

Mid to late December: Melbourne Scholarships Office issue scholarship outcomes to applicants by email. Some applicants may be placed on a wait list and may not receive an outcome at this time.


VCA & MCM Graduate Research Scholarships Policy

This policy sets out the procedures followed by the Faculty of the VCA & MCM (VCA & MCM) in granting scholarships to Graduate Research candidates enrolled in the Faculty of the VCA & MCM. In addition, this document will explain the procedures followed for the granting of government funded scholarships and how these relate to the Faculty of the VCA & MCM.

  • Download the VCA & MCM Graduate Research Scholarships Policy:

VCA & MCM Graduate Research Scholarships Policy (pdf file, 162kb)

Melbourne Scholarships Office 

The Melbourne Scholarships Office administers research scholarships for research candidates studying at the university, including scholarships and awards for domestic students, international students and travelling scholarships.

  • To find out more about the Melbourne Scholarships Office and the full range of Scholarships available for application by prospective research students, please visit the Graduate Research Scholarships site.

Faculty scholarships

  • The Faculty of VCA&MCM offers an array of scholarships available for current undergraduate and graduate students, along with a selection for those students who have completed their studies at the Faculty. You may be eligible for one or multiple scholarships or awards. 
  • Selection is generally based on academic merit or financial need, and determined through consultation with Heads of Schools, year level coordinators, teaching staff and the Dean of the Faculty. The Faculty of VCA&MCM gratefully acknowledge the generous ongoing contributions of all our donors and sponsors.