Creative Scholarships

 A range of new creative scholarships have been made available for outstanding and/or disadvantaged students at the VCA & MCM thanks to support from the State Government through Creative Victoria. These scholarships are part of a commitment to ensure the VCA and MCM maintain and strengthen their position as leading arts training institutions.


Between 2012 and 2015 ‘Creative Scholar’ opportunities will be made to both VCA & MCM students, including:

  • Undergraduate scholarships for outstanding students in 2012 and 2013, valued at $8,000 per annum, provided for up to three years;
  • Undergraduate scholarships for disadvantaged students in 2012 and 2013, valued at $9,500 per annum, provided for up to three years;
  • Graduate scholarships for outstanding students in 2013 and 2014, valued at $12,000 per annum, provided for up to two years;
  • Graduate scholarships for disadvantaged students, valued at $14,500 per annum, provided for up to two years;
  • The Global Atelier Program (valued at $360,000) comprising undergraduate traveling studios and graduate research scholarships, offered to students and graduates in 2014 to support international experience, travel and work;
  • Professional Pathway one-year scholarships, to facilitate a joint collaboration between a not-for-profit arts organisation and graduating student to provide professional experience in their artistic sector;
  • Mentoring scholarships to provide for graduates and their mentors to undertake a collaborative project.


The aim of these creative scholarships is to help a new generation of talented students to achieve their full potential by studying at the VCA and MCM.

Global Atelier – International

  • MCM – Brass: 10 students will  travel to Denmark/Germany to study with top brass professional and student players to present concerts in Hamburg, Germany and Southern Denmark
  • MCM - Classical Music (Violin, Viola & Cello): four students will travel to the USA toengage in coaching sessions, public master classes and performances at the Mimir Chamber Music Festival in Fort Worth, Texas. Their trip will include visits to Kimbell Art Museum, the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.  
  • VCA - Music Theatre: five students will spend 10 days in New York attending performances of new works at the New York Musicals Festival, Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off- Broadway shows and Masterclasses.
  • VCA Production: five students, currently studying Set/Costume Design and/or Lighting Design, will travel to Hong Kong for a ten-day collaborative workshop at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.  They will join with a small group of set and lighting design students from HKAPA to participate in a scenography workshop.
  • VCA Theatre: 12 students will visit China to attend and perform at the Shanghai Contemporary Theatre Festival.
  • VCA Art: five students travelled to India to work alongside four key artists in Delhi. The itinerary included visits to museums and art schools, traditional craft workshops, research institutes and archaeological sites as well as visiting a key event on the contemporary Indian art calendar; India Art Fair. 
  • VCA Contemporary Music Performance: six students will visit Cuba for a group intensive program focusing on an Afro-Cuban folkloric percussion program at Havan’s Instituto Superior de Arte. The intensive program will be run by local master drummers in traditional Afro derived styles developed in Cuba. The program will culminate in a public performance.
  • VCA Contemporary Music Interactive Composition: eight students will visit the USA and create eight site-specific works for an iconic museum in New York. The students will attend classes and interact with the student at New School in NYC and the Manhattan School of Music Participate where they will attend an intensive film-scoring workshop with Hollywood A-List film composer Christopher Experience.
  • VCA Dance: five students will visit Singapore/Malaysia and experience the intercultural environment of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts which is informed by Asian and western perspectives. This intercultural exchange will be enhanced by train travel across the border into the Malayan peninsula and on to Kuala Lumpur where western contemporary dance influences are becoming evident in current dance practice. In Kuala Lumpur students will engage with students from Aurora School of Dance in workshops and Master classes.  The Aurora Dance school is renowned for its high technical standards, innovative and intercultural approach.
  • VCA Film & TV: 11 students will visit Japan to attend screenings and present Animation @ VCA as part of an Educational Film Market. The students will also attend ‘Nexus Point’ - a free space focusing on business exchange, and ‘Frame In’ for young people aiming to become professional animation artists. Students will create a collaborative animation in response to the themes of Peace, Rebuilding and Living in the Natural World using flipbooks as a tool for observation and recording.