Cool All at Onceness: Australian film in the 1960s

13 May 2016

Film and television alumnus Ian Baker's 1968 short film, shot while a student, reveals much about the state of the Australian film industry at the time. Honorary Fellow Dr John Hughes explores 1960s Australian film via Pursuit.

Review: Stephanie Lake presents CRUSH

12 May 2016

Can modern dance be funny? The Plus Ones review Stephanie Lake's CRUSH - find out what they thought of our third-year dance season.

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[WATCH] Terms of Engagement: Ethics and Participatory Art

12 May 2016

What responsibilities do artists have to the communities in which they practice? An expert panel of artists and academics discussed the role of ethics in participatory art in our Terms of Engagement forum - watch the video now.

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Alumni artists and performers front and centre at 2016 Next Wave Festival

07 May 2016

As this year's instalment of the annual arts festival kicks off, we take a look at some of the Faculty of VCA & MCM alumni involved in Australia's platform for a new generation of artists taking creative risks. 

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Bollywood: movies with rich rewards

04 May 2016

Indian movies have much to offer the Western film fan willing to give the genre a go. Film lecturer Luke Devenish recommends five classic movies to get started with via Pursuit.

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Armchair travel: 50 years of Melbourne films

03 May 2016

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Film & Television, we look back at 50 years of never-before-seen Australian films from our archive with Head of Film & TV Nicolette Freeman. Read more via Pursuit.

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Captain America is a Marvel to behold

02 May 2016

Mate against mate, cape against mate - but how does Cap fare in the latest instalment of the Marvel film franchise? Film & television lecturer Peter Allen delivers his verdict via Pursuit.

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Stephanie Lake: how to choreograph a CRUSH

29 Apr 2016

Stephanie Lake, award-winning choreographer and dancer, discusses her latest work, CRUSH,  performed by students at the University of Melbourne. Read more via Pursuit.

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Fowler and Gorman: from street art to street smart

27 Apr 2016

Contemporary artist and Victorian College of the Arts graduate Fred Fowler has launched a new collaboration with the popular Australian fashion brand Gorman. Read more via Pursuit.

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The purple reign is over: long live Prince’s legacy

22 Apr 2016

Prince was an icon of R&B, funk and jazz who went against tide as we know it, creating a new context for pop music. Associate Professor Mark Pollard pays his respects via Pursuit.

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Elizabeth Debecki. CC / Wikimedia
VCA alumna Elizabeth Debicki recently cast in Tim Winton’s Breath

19 Apr 2016

After several plum roles hot on the heels of her graduation from the VCA in 2010, Elizabeth Debicki has just been cast in the upcoming Australian production of Tim Winton’s Breath.

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Bea Maddock in 1976. Photo: National Gallery of Australia
Vale Bea Maddock, artist and former VCA lecturer

18 Apr 2016

Beatrice (Bea) Maddock, the celebrated artist and a former lecturer at the Victorian College of Arts, passed away on April 9. 

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