VCA releases 50 films for Film and Television’s golden anniversary

01 Jun 2016

Australia’s longest-continuing film school is celebrating its golden anniversary this year, and we're using the milestone to make 50 student films from those 50 years freely available to the public for the very first time.

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VCA & MCM May e-newsletter

23 May 2016

Read the May edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

The purple reign is over: long live Prince’s legacy

22 Apr 2016

Prince was an icon of R&B, funk and jazz who went against tide as we know it, creating a new context for pop music. Associate Professor Mark Pollard pays his respects via Pursuit.

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We are the Australians, we have the power

17 Apr 2016

Aboriginal writer Bruce Pascoe makes the case for the real and present value of Indigenous culture to the country at large. Read more via Pursuit.

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VCA & MCM April e-newsletter

15 Apr 2016

Read the April edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

Wilin and able with Indigenous art and culture

01 Apr 2016

The Wilin Centre's John Wayne Parsons knows a thing or two about the challenges facing Indigenous artists – and also the opportunities. Read more via Pursuit.

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VCA & MCM alumni big winners in 33rd Green Room Awards

22 Mar 2016

Alumni of the Faculty of VCA & MCM were among the big winners in the 33rd annual Green Room Awards on Monday night, which recognised outstanding work in Melbourne’s performing arts.

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VCA & MCM March e-newsletter

15 Mar 2016

Read the March edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

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Saving the endangered sounds of West Africa

10 Feb 2016

Thanks to the tenacity of ethnomusicologist Dr Graeme Counsel, over 9,000 songs from the West African nation of Guinea are now publically available for anyone to listen to worldwide. Read the full article on Pursuit.

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Two $15,000 Indigenous Scholarships on offer at MTC

08 Feb 2016

Melbourne Theatre Company, in partnership with the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, is offering two $15,000 scholarships to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from Victoria.

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An emotional journey through pasticcio opera

04 Feb 2016

Voyage to the Moon, a collaboration between Victorian OperaMusica Viva Australia and the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions is a modern-day pasticcio opera that draws upon the epic 16th-century poem Orlando Furioso and will help give researchers insight into the development of emotions. Read the full story of Pursuit.

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Mixing sculpture and performance in Dough Portraits

22 Jan 2016

Artist and PhD candidate Søren Dahlgaard has taken more than 2,000 “dough portraits” over seven years, turning familiar objects into something strange. Ludicrous? Yes, but closely connected to the long history of grand and serious portraiture. Read full story on Pursuit.

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