Resonating Spaces: Sounding out MOA

13 Nov 2011

Resonating Spaces: Sounding out MOA

Seven final year composition students from the School of Contemporary Music travelled to Vancouver in October to create site-specific sound works at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA), as part of a collaborative project between the University of Melbourne and the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Under the supervision of Associate Professor Mark Pollard (composer and Head, School of Contemporary Music) the students, Kym Dillon, Lisa Illean, Thomas Madden, Julius Millar, Peter Nowotnik, Chris Rechner, and Hayden Schueler were in residence at MOA for two weeks.

They chose different locations within the Museum and composed works to resonate these locations, exploring issues linked to the museum’s location, themes and objects within the context of cross media composition.

The new works were performed live to the public as electronic pieces on three occasions over 14 and 15 October. A group performance, Canopies and Shelters, led by Mark Pollard began each session in the Museum’s lobby, illuminating MOA as a place of shelter and protection, through a welcoming canopy of sound and vocal echoes.

Peter Nowotnik, photo Varun Saran, MOA 2011The works have become a Resonating Spaces sound catalogue of podcasts to be to be listened to and experienced by MOA visitors in the future.

During his stay, Mark Pollard was Composer in Residence at Green College, UBC. He presented a talk Reconstructing the Familiar -  a discussion on the function of music composition in film, animation and theatre and its broad use in site specific contexts such as gallery and exhibition spaces. He also talked about projects that are linked to higher education teaching and learning outcomes and illustrated how music composition can be viewed as a creative problem solving task that can be applied to a range of interdisciplinary contexts.

Watch Resonating Spaces on Youtube.

Kym Dillon, photo Varun Saran, MOA 2011

Julius Millar, photo Varun Saran, MOA 2011