Inbound Exchange

Application and audition/folio instructions

Study Abroad and Exchange students must satisfy the VCA and MCM’s entry requirements including talent and academic performance.

All applicants should:

1)   Complete the University of Melbourne’s online application for Study Abroad and Exchange 

2)   Read the relevant Supplementary information sheet below:

Inbound Exchange Contemporary Music Information Sheet (pdf file, 80kb)

Inbound Exchange Dance Information Sheet (pdf file, 201kb)

Inbound Exchange MCM Information Sheet (pdf file, 87kb)

Inbound Exchange Production Information Sheet (pdf file, 57kb)

Inbound Exchange Visual Art Information Sheet(pdf file, 68kb)


3)    Prepare and submit their supplementary material as listed in the supplementary sheet

4)   Send all their folio or audition material and the required supporting documentation to:

Melbourne Global Mobility
Level 1, Old Geology Building
Masson Road
The University of Melbourne
Parkville  Victoria 3010

Exchange application deadlines 

  • Semester 1 (February-July) applications are due by 1 November of the previous year
  • Semester 2 (July -December) applications are due by 1 April