Inbound Exchange and Study Abroad

Through Melbourne Global Mobility, the Faculty of VCA and MCM offers you the opportunity to complete part of your degree while living and studying in Melbourne.

This experience will enhance your degree by providing a global perspective to your art form practice, stimulate creativity, challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone, and establish international relationships and networks.

Applicants who wish to undertake their entire Exchange or Study Abroad at VCA & MCM

Inbound exchange is normally available for students currently enrolled in an equivalent, intensive, practical Dance, Music, Production or Visual Art degree and inbound Study Abroad is available for students currently enrolled in equivalent, intensive, practical Dance, Film and Television, Music, Production and Visual Art degree.

Study Abroad and exchange students are normally required to enrol in all of the semester’s prescribed subjects within the relevant undergraduate or graduate discipline.

The prescribed enrolment for each semester for each degree, together with the pre-requisites for each subject, is listed in the handbook. To see this information please visit the handbook entry for the discipline you wish to study, below:

BFA (or undergraduate) Contemporary Music

BFA (or undergraduate) Dance

BFA (or undergraduate) Film and Television (Study Abroad only)

BFA (or undergraduate) Production

BFA (or undergraduate) Screenwriting (Study Abroad only)

BFA (or undergraduate) Visual Art

Bachelor of Music

Applicants who wish to enrol in one or two VCA & MCM Subjects as part of their Exchange or Study Abroad 

Inbound Study Abroad and Exchange students who are not enrolled in an equivalent, intensive, practical Fine Arts degree at their home institution can also appy to enrol in one or more VCA & MCM subjects. These requests are assessed by the relevant School/s who consider the applicant’s transcript (for prior study in relevant subjects), personal statement (for evidence of interest and extra-curricular activity in related area) and, where the subject includes practice, an audition, folio or selection test.

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