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Frauenlob: Medieval Song and the Praise of Women

28 Apr 2017, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Holding a central place in the poetry of the Middle Ages, images of womanhood abound - of Mary, the Mother of God, the intercessor, and of the elevated, idealised and unobtainable lover of the courtly medieval love lyric. In Heinrich von Meissen's (also known as Frauenlob) fourteenth-century 'Frauenleich', the wealth of imagery is revealed in an elaborate poem devoted to the Celestial Woman, with language as rich as any found in the biblical Song of Songs.

Frauenlob's poem, along with other works of medieval poetry, will be sung and played, revealing a repertoire rarely heard today - with the accompaniment of the medieval fiddle, recorders, and the medieval symphony. The performers, coming together for the first time in this particular combination, bring a passion for and experience in this early repertoire - Stephen Grant (Head of Voice and the Early Music Studio), John Weretka, Helen Thomson and Ruth Wilkinson.

Admission: Free, booking essential. Please book via Eventbrite

Venue: Melba Hall, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Gate 12, Royal Parade, Parkville, 3010