Information on how to enrol, enrolment and re-enrolment can all be found on the student enrolment & re-enrolment page

As a student, it is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the administrative requirements of your degree. Which includes ensuring your enrolment is finalised prior to the census date of each subject. 

MCM Orchestral Ensemble Auditions

Students who play an orchestral instrument and wish to enrol/participate in the following ensembles are required to audition:

  • Orchestra (Symphony or Philharmonic)
  • Wind Symphony
  • Concert Band
  • Brass ensemble
  • String Ensemble


Eligibility to participate in The University of Melbourne orchestral, instrumental and/or chamber ensembles will be determined by live audition, to be arranged before the beginning of the first semester. In some cases, participation in multiple ensembles will be required, as directed by the appropriate Instrumental Head of Department.

Please note that auditions will take place in the week preceding O-Week (13–17 Feb), as well as during O-Week (20–24 February). It is important that students make themselves available for their designated audition time, which you will receive by email at the end of January. It is important that you monitor your student email during this time for updates.

Ensemble agreements

Before auditioning, students are asked to read through and sign the 2017 Orchestra Student Agreement to familiarize themselves with the expectations of participation in any ensemble at The University of Melbourne.

2017 Orchestral Ensemble Agreement – Symphony Orchestra

2017 Orchestral Ensemble Agreement – Philharmonic Orchestra

2017 Orchestral Ensemble Agreement – Wind Symphony

2017 Orchestral Ensemble Agreement – Concert Band

Registration, enrolment and not-for-credit participation

After receiving specific ensemble placements in week 1 of semester, Honours and Masters students must register their ensemble participation using the appropriate form.

Any student who wishes to participate not-for-credit, does so with prior understanding that they cannot retrospectively be enrolled in the subject at any time after the census date, and must still audition and be registered as a participant.

Any student experiencing Ensemble subject enrolment issues must contact Stop1 for further assistance.

Questions concerning enrolment in instrumental ensembles for breadth can be addressed to Coordinator of Ensembles, Mx Tonié Field.

Ensemble restrictions

Percussion Ensemble is restricted to current BMus percussion students and no audition is required. Please contact Peter Neville with any questions.

Please contact Ian Godfrey for information regarding saxophone placements in any large ensemble.

Audition dates

All auditions are held prior to the start of Semester 1 and will be held in the weeks of:

  • 13–17 February 2017
  • 20–24 February 2017

Audition registrations are now closed for Semester 1.

All students wishing to audition must register online using the auditions form.

Apply now



If you are overseas or interstate during the audition period and cannot attend a live audition - you must additionally submit a recorded audition via SlideRoom by 19 February 2017


Orchestral Ensembles - Absentia Auditions



After receipt of your online application, you will be sent a specific audition date and time. Please check in at the lobby desk (outside Room 113) 30 minutes prior to your given audition time.

MCM Big Band

Students interested in auditioning for the MCM Big Band, please apply online:

Big Band application

Audition excerpts

Required excerpts for all ensembles are below:

Double Bass
Piccolo and Alto Flute
Eb Clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Cor Anglais
Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone
French Horn

Contact us

Contact the Audition Coordinator, Edwina Dethridge for all other questions.

Student Advisor Appointments

Students are able to book individual consultations with a student adviser through the University wide booking and advising system.



Student Advisers are available at both the Southbank and Parkville campuses to discuss a range of topics, such as;

  • General discussion about studies
  • Selecting subjects
  • Student support: Special Consideration/DLU/SEAP
  • Pathways to further study
  • Structuring course/subject selection
  • Outbound Exchange & Study Abroad
  • Students at Risk/CUPC
  • Graduate coursework
  • Graduate Research
  • Other

Special Permission Enrolments

Can I Overload my enrolment?

  • Overloading is not recommended for VCA MCM Students, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • You may apply to enrol in additional subjects within a semester in order to overload anywhere up to a maximum of 62.5 points, provided you have a good results average (minimum 70%) and have not failed a subject in the previous semester, however an application is not a guarantee of an approval.
  • Overloading is not possible in your first year.
  • Overloading may not be used as a reason to apply for Special Consideration.
  • If you are in the final year of your degree and you believe you need to complete an additional subject to meet the requirements of your course, book an appointment to see a Student Adviser.


What if I need Special Permission or Approval to enrol in a subject?

  • It is your responsibility to apply directly to the Subject Coordinator for written permission and provide the approval to the Student Centre so that your enrolment can be updated.
  • It is equally your responsibility to withdraw from a Subject that you have enrolled yourself into; if you have sought  permission or approval for a subject (such as MCM audition based subjects) and not received it. If you are enrolled in a Special Permission subject without any approval, and are advised by the Subject Coordinator or Student Centre that you should not be enrolled, it is your responsibility to withdraw.
  • Applying for approval to a Subject Coordinator does not guarantee a successful outcome, and must be facilitated in a timely manner, before the Census Date.
  • Certain subjects require special permission/approval to enrol, you can find out if your subject falls into this category by checking the University Handbook.
  • You may also apply for written approval to a Subject Coordinator if you have not met a prerequisite for particular subjects, but wish to be allowed to enrol.
  • You will also need to receive written approval by a Subject Coordinator to enrol into a subject late (after the self-enrolment period closes, but before the Census Date for that semester).  


Can I apply to take time away from my studies?

  • Students who are accepted into VCA and MCM courses are usually not allowed to defer before commencing their studies, as selection is often based on creative/talent merit, rather than pure academic accomplishment. Students who would like to defer should meet with a Student Adviser in order to discuss their options.
  • Due to the prescriptive nature of the VCA and MCM course structures, any time away should be discussed with a Student Adviser, in order to evaluate how time off may alter or affect your Study Plan.
  • Generally, Students who are currently enrolled in a course but wish to take time off may apply for Leave of Absence and are eligible to apply for leave of absence for up to one year for personal, medical, compassionate or other reasons.
  • You can apply for Leave of Absence in my.unimelb. Detailed instructions and assistance on how to enrol and can be found on the University’s Applying for Leave of Absence website.


Can I get Advanced Standing (Credit) for studies I did at another University?

  • If you have completed previous study at tertiary level, you may be eligible to receive Advanced Standing/Exemption (credit points) towards your current degree.
  • Advanced Standing/Exemption or Credit refers to Credit Points granted toward your degree in recognition of prior study, judged to be academically equivalent to that of subjects offered at the University of Melbourne, and only if it directly relates to your VCA or MCM degree.
  • Students requesting Credit must submit an application to the VCA MCM Student Centre within five working days of accepting a course offer. Applications must be timely in order to be processed before the commencement of the semester. Please ensure that your application includes certified copies of academic transcripts.
  • Advanced Standing is assessed in accordance with The University of Melbourne Advanced Standing Procedure (MPF1240) and Credit, Advanced Standing and Accelerated Entry Policy (MPF1037).

Advanced Standing/Credit and Exemption Form